Colouring page: Cancer

It’s free printable time, and this week, it’s a colouring page of Cancer the crab! When looking for inspiration on this page, I noticed most representations of the crab constellation are very bland. Sure, there’s not much you can do with a crab, but I wanted to draw something with more character and charm. So, here’s Cancer, happy and dancing like a crab should be!

I admit, maybe I shouldn’t have listened to super upbeat music while I’m drawing, because it’s very clear that it’s influenced this drawing. However, I hope the vibe of upbeat music came through a bit. Can’t let all that excess energy go to waste, after all! I have to admit, more depictions of Cancer need to be upbeat and fun-loving. It goes really well with crabs. Probably because all those legs are just raring to dance.

This piece features Cancer, in a semi-cartoonish style, decorated with flowers in the background. Bordering him are two smaller crabs, equally charming and dancing. They are decorated with vines and flowers, too, that emulate the astrological symbol. All the crabs are covered in little patterns and details designed to give you plenty to colour in.

You can download this colouring page here.

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