Colouring page: Virgo

It’s printable time again and, for the month, it’s Virgo the Virgin’s turn! Granted, I was at a bit of a loss with this one. I could have drawn a maiden, sure, but I had already drawn something similar to that with Aquarius. Naturally, I threw all conventional wisdom out of the window and drew a bird.

Why a bird?

I was inspired by doves and their use as a symbol of purity and peace. While the concept of “purity” for virgin maidens is outdated, I wanted to retain that symbolism for this piece. So, I went with a heavily stylised dove, perched on a branch. Though the bird itself is shaped very differently to regular doves, I ensured a few details were kept the same — namely, the beak and tail feathers. 

This picture solely features a bird, with wings raised and resting on a branch. Surrounding the bird are numerous flowers.

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You can download this colouring page here.

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