Colouring page: Libra

It’s time for a new printable, and this month, it’s Libra the scales! This month, I knew exactly what I was going to draw. So, I set straight into working on this piece as soon as I could. In it is Justice, holding aloft the scales with a broken sword in one hand. The scales are inspired by the weighing of the heart, an afterlife ceremony in ancient Egyptian texts. 

This picture features the roman personification of justice, Lady Justitia. She holds aloft the scales of Libra. On the scales of Libra are a heart and feather, perfectly balanced. In her other hand, she carries her sword of swift-yet-final decisions. Because of this, she hasn’t raised it as high as she may have. Above her, she has a crown of spikes. Also, behind her, there is a backdrop of stars. Finally, she is stepping upon a rock, with flower-like patterns around her feet.

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You can download this colouring page here.

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tcc colouring page libra - pinterest image

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