Colouring page: Sagittarius

It’s time for the final printable of my zodiac series! So, coming in last, but certainly not least, is Sagittarius, the archer. It’s been a year-long journey, starting with Capricorn (my own sign!) and ending here. I hope you’ve enjoyed the images so far, and that this final one is as wonderful as all the others that have been. They’ve sure been fun for me!

It’s with this last page that I announce that I won’t be doing any more colouring pages. At least, not for the time being. This means this weekly slot each month will be empty, but have no fear, I’ll be using it to plot up more printable schemes behind the scenes! I’ve learnt a lot with this series of artwork, and my speed and skill with drawing lines have hugely improved. It’s been an absolute blast, and I really want to try out more drawn printables again in the future!

Did you know there’s a smaller constellation within Sagittarius known as the teapot constellation? I sure didn’t, but it went a long way to inspiring this piece. In it, Sagitarrius the centaur is relaxing on the forest floor, enjoying a nice cup of tea. Beside her, she has her bow and her arrows, resting on a tree and on the ground.

I would love to hear your feedback on this series of colouring pages in the comments below, what you’ve liked about them or disliked about them. Feel free to share this on to your Sagittarius friends, too! Don’t forget to show me your finished coloured pictures in the comments below, or with the hashtag #ConfoundedDIY. I hope to bring you more colouring pages in the future!

You can download this colouring page here.

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