12 Zodiac colouring pages

It’s about time I put all my zodiac set in one place! So here we are, with all the colouring pages I worked on last year in one easy list. I’d like to take on a project like this again in the future and maybe even compile an e-book. I’ve been putting a lot more focus on my artwork in recent months, albeit, in the background. Between practising and setting up a portfolio, I’m hoping to bring more artwork to the forefront in future. Unfortunately, confidence is still getting in the way a little bit, but we’ll see where plans go!

In the meantime, I hope this list makes it easy for you to find the current colouring pages you want to work on. Start from the beginning, or hop straight to your sign. Roll with whatever works for you! I definitely appreciate critique on my work, too, so if there’s anything you want to bring up about my art feel free to hit me up!

This list is perfect for anyone you know that likes chilling out with colouring pages. They’re all free to download, so pass it on to your colouring buddies! Don’t forget, I love seeing the work people do, so show me your finished coloured pictures in the comments below, or with the tag #ConfoundedDIY on twitter. For more lists, check out this tag right here. I hope you enjoy all of these, and I’ll see you next time!

12 Zodiac printable colouring pages

An easily accessible list to all my zodiac colouring pages put together in one place. Go from the start, or jump straight to your sign, and have fun colouring!

tcc zodiac colouring pages - 01

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