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I’ve been thinking about saving a lot lately. Not the “put away a set amount of earnings” kind of saving, but the “put loose change in a jar” sort. If you’re anything like me, saving can be difficult, especially with impulsiveness creeping around the corner making me want to buy all the cool things! Piggy banks can help with that… sort of.

So far, a simple glass peanut butter jar has served me well (enough), but I still find myself picking out the pounds that I put in there, which isn’t really saving them. I’ve tried a reusable piggy bank with a lid, but again, the same problem happens! The other option is sealed piggy banks, the sort you need to completely break to get the savings inside. But… it’s just not in me to break things, even something like a cheap piggy bank.

Enter this resealable piggy bank.

This piggy bank is “sealed” until you break the paper, which you can easily replace with some more recycled wrapping paper. The whole box can be reused again and again. But, since it’s a little more tedious to open and close, it helps stave off the temptation to pick out coins here and there! It’s perfect for saving when you want money for a vacation or other big splurge.

Why is this better than other piggy banks?

Any piggy bank with a lid is easy to get into. With nothing to stop the impulses from picking out a bit of loose change, it’s harder to save for the long term. Sealed piggy banks can prevent that, but not all of us feel comfortable breaking things, especially if we’re a bit strapped for cash!

A resealable one gives you the best of both worlds. You don’t have to break it completely to get to your savings, which is better than other sealed piggy banks. And, the steps to seal it back up are a bit more complicated than just putting a lid back on, too, which can help deter impulses from getting inside!


For this project, you will need some really thin paper (rice paper is best, but wrapping paper works too). You will also need some kind of plastic. I used the lid of a plastic container since I have way too many lids and no containers for them! Just make sure your plastic is big enough for this project.

  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Glue (you must use glue that is suitable for plastic)
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Ruler & Pencil for measuring
  • Wrapping paper
  • Thin paper

Making the box

This box is going to be really simple, nothing fancy! Firstly, cut out 5 squares from your cardboard using your craft knife. Make sure all the sides are 15cm! Next, take one of the squares, and cut a slot in the middle that’s big enough to put coins or notes in. This will be your top.

After that, it’s time to decorate it! For that, cut out 5 squares of wrapping paper that are bigger than your square card, using scissors. Take one square of wrapping paper, and one square of card, and glue the card to the middle of the wrapping paper. Then, carefully fold the wrapping paper over the sides, and glue down. Repeat for all 5 squares of paper.

tcc piggy bank - gluing the wrapping paper and card
image; here’s how to glue the wrapping paper and the card

For the top piece, use a craft knife to carefully cut the hole out of the wrapping paper. This will open the piggy bank up again.

Next, you will need to glue the box together. Lay a square down, so that its wrapping paper side is facing the bottom. Glue and attach three of the other squares, leaving one side free. Next, glue the top square (with the hole in!) to the top of the box. Let the whole piggy bank dry.

tcc piggy bank - gluing the box together
image; the finished box shape

Making the plastic entrance

The entrance will be on the side of the box. To make this, you will need to cut out four 15cm x 2cm pieces from your plastic. I used a mix of craft knives and scissors for my plastic, but you’re free to use whatever works for you here! Next, glue the plastic pieces into a square shape like the image below. You must use a glue that is suitable for plastic, otherwise, it’ll fall apart really quickly!

how to glue the plastic pieces together
image; how to glue the plastic pieces together. The overlaps help give it support!

Next, glue it into the open side of your piggy bank. Again, make sure to use glue that is suitable for plastic! It may take a little bit of wiggling to get it in place.

Optional: You can strengthen this side with some thin cuts of cardboard, glued on the inside corners of the plastic.

How to use your piggy bank

Cut out a square of wrapping paper that is 15cm on all sides. It’s a good idea to use a colour or pattern wrapping paper that’s different from the rest of the piggy bank. Carefully glue this onto the plastic side, being mindful not to glue on the cardboard body of the piggy bank. Let the glue dry completely.

Use the piggy bank as you would normally. When it comes time to open the piggy bank, simply pop the paper side with a pen or other tool, and retrieve your money. Then, remove as much excess paper as you can, and glue a new piece of wrapping paper onto the plastic. It’ll be ready to be used again!

The finished piggy bank!

That’s all there is to it! This piggy bank is super easy to make and is very helpful if you have trouble saving like I do. This method for making a resealable piggy bank can be used when making other kinds of piggy banks too. I may write tutorials on making fancier shapes in the future! Feel free to adjust the measurement from 15cm to any other size to suit your needs.

TCC piggy bank - finished, before sealing and after sealing
image; the finished piggy bank, before sealing and after sealing!

If you have any questions about this craft, feel free to comment down below. Show me your pictures, too! Either in the comments or on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ConfoundedDIY. I hope you enjoy this project, and I’ll see you next time!

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