DIY Jewellery chest

It’s been a long journey building a small box from a simple form all the way to its fancy appearance now. I’m proud of the end result, and I hope if you followed me on this journey that you’re proud of your work too! Having a nice jewellery box is one thing, but it’s even cooler when you’ve made it yourself. A jewellery chest can be given as fantastic gifts, and they’re cheap to make but sturdy enough to keep long term. 

So, I’ve put together the full journey in one easy to access post. Bookmark this post while you make your own chests, so you can easily come back here when you’re ready for the  next step. If you have a crafty friend whose interested in making a unique gift, feel free to pass this along. It’ll give them a hearty dose of inspiration! Or, why not make a jewellery chest to deliver a gift in? It’s better than wrapping paper or regular boxes!

If you’d like more paper crafts like this project, I have a whole bunch in this tag right here. Feel free to ask questions about this project or show me your finished chests in the comment section below! Additionally, you can always show me on social media with the hashtag #ConfoundedDIY. Happy crafting!

Cardboard jewellery chest - the full project

Design and make your own cardboard chest, from a simple form all the way up to a fancy lined box! It's a perfect project for a gift.

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